Beef & Broccoli Soup

Chicken soup is often thought of as a “go to” if you feel a cold coming on but this Beef and Broccoli soup also has all the nutrients and very flavorful!  I start it out like my Broccoli Cheese soup

Broccoli Cheese Soup


1 med onion                  3 carrots

2 cloves garlic              1 t. celtic sea salt

4 ½ c chicken stock      3 T butter & 3 T coconut oil

1 ½ lbs broccoli          1 – 1/2 cup milk or heavy cream

3 T tapioca starch       3 c cheddar cheese

season with salt and pepper

Saute onion and garlic in butter and coconut oil.  Bring to boil with stock and cook broccoli and simmer for 15-20 minutes  Puree until smooth.  Whisk cream and tapioca starch together and add to the soup.  Simmer until heated through serve.

Beef & Broccoli Soup

in addition to the above recipe…

1 turnip (peeled and cubed)              1 lb ground beef

2 – 1/2  cups beef stock                        garlic salt, onion salt & kelp seasonings

For the Beef and Broccoli soup, I saute the vegetables in the butter and then add 2 cups homemade chicken stock and 2 1/2 cups of homemade beef stock.   Meanwhile, saute 1 lb ground beef in butter and coconut oil, season with garlic salt, onion salt and the kelp seasonings if you have.  Add the broccoli and turnips to the stock and cook for 15 – 20 minutes.  Add the ground beef and 2 1/2 cups water.  Thicken with 3T tapioca starch in 1/2 c  hot water.   Season with salt and pepper as needed.


Katie at says this about bone broth…   index1

Why Broth?

Anyone who has read Gut and Psychology Syndrome knows the many benefits of bone broth and how it can improve digestion, allergies, immune health, brain health, and much more.

What isn’t as well know is that broth can help reduce cellulite by improving connective tissue, increase hair growth/strength, improve digestive issues and remineralize teeth.

Broth is also helpful to have on hand when anyone in the family gets sick as it can be a soothing and immune boosting drink during illness, even if the person doesn’t feel like eating.

Broth is very high in the amino acids proline and glycine which are vital for healthy connective tissue (ligaments, joints, around organs, etc). The Paleo Mom has a great explanation of the importance of these two amino acids:

“In addition, glycine is required for synthesis of DNA, RNA and many proteins in the body.  As such, it plays extensive roles in digestive health, proper functioning of the nervous system and in wound healing.  Glycine aids digestion by helping to regulate the synthesis and of bile salts and secretion of gastric acid.  It is involved in detoxification and is required for production of glutathione, an important antioxidant.  Glycine helps regulate blood sugar levels by controlling gluconeogenesis (the manufacture of glucose from proteins in the liver).  Glycine also enhances muscle repair/growth by increasing levels of creatine and regulating Human Growth Hormone secretion from the pituitary gland.  This wonderful amino acid is also critical for healthy functioning of the central nervous system.  In the brain, it inhibits excitatory neurotransmitters, thus producing a calming effect.  Glycine is also converted into the neurotransmitter serine, which promotes mental alertness, improves memory, boosts mood, and reduces stress.

Proline has an additional role in reversing atherosclerotic deposits.  It enables the blood vessel walls to release cholesterol buildups into your blood stream, decreasing the size of potential blockages in your heart and the surrounding blood vessels.  Proline also helps your body break down proteins for use in creating new, healthy muscle cells.”

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