Lemongrass ~ my story

Lemongrass ~ my story

Back in the spring of last year, I went to a Lemongrass Spa party, it sounded relaxing and fun!  I was so impressed by their organic, all natural products that I ordered a lotion, the Healing Elements creme and some make up for my teenage daughter.  Rachel was 17 and did not wear makeup, anytime she wore eye makeup, she got headaches.  She tried the eye makeup that I bought and loved it, never had headaches again!  I was so impressed, so I contacted the consultant, wanting to purchase some more products.  It was then that I decided that I love the products and would stand by each one, I should become a consultant.  So in October of 2014, I bought the kit and started getting the word out about these products.  Why do I sell them?

Why use natural products?

Chemical Burden: “The average woman uses 12 personal care products containing 168 chemical ingredients every day. Men use about six products a day containing 85 chemicals.” Source: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry by St acy Malkan of www. SafeCosmetic s.org

“The European Union has banned over 1,100 chemicals used in cosmetics (including lotions) because of links to cancer, birth defects and reproductive problems. How many chemicals do you think the United States has banned?” Source: Environmental Working Group EWG.org Answer: Nine (9)

Should you put ingredients (products) on your skin that you would not eat for lunch or dinner?  Answer: No! When you eat foods with harsh preservatives and chemical additives, your kidneys and liver may filter through some of those items. Our skin is our LARGEST organ and items that we put on our skin go directly to our bloodstream with no filtering system. Terry Maxfield, Clinic al Herbologist Mineral Oil and Petroleum: Produced when gasoline & kerosene are removed from crude oil & sulphuric acid & solvents are added. Petroleum has a huge chemical structure and sits on the top layer of the skin & clogs the skin instead of penetrating to the 7th layer of the skin to moisturize. Michelle Brungardt, chemist Parabens mimic estrogen & disrupt the endocrine system, including weight gain and is possibly a cancer toxin. Parabens were found in 18 of 20 breast cancer tumors. (They are rampant in products) Michelle Brungardt, chemist Polyethelyne Glycol and other Poly, Ethyl, Methyl, Butyl, Propylene Glycol and PEGs: acts as a slick solvent. Polyethelyne Glycol is antifreeze and is found in most spa products you will find in the stores. Accumulates in liver tissue along with parabens & other chemicals.

Why are they in products? They are cheap fillers and cheap preservatives. Michelle Brungardt, chemist Our handmade products are natural and soothing to your skin! They also smell wonderful & are handmade in Colorado from high quality essential oils.

Jill Breheny www.ourLemongrassSpa.com/Jill

To order any products or  contact me at www.lemongrassSpa.com/Rittenhouse

I would also love to send you some samples if you would like to try them.

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