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Every other Thursday, which will be this Thursday, I have pickup at Your Family Farmer.  What is my Family Farmer you ask?

“Your Family Farmer is your local source of raw milk, raw cheese, pastured poultry, grass-fed beef, woodland pork, garden produce, herbs and more. All of this is delivered to your area of PA. All of our foods are soy-free, GMO-free and grown with respect to the Creator. Some of our foods are certified organic and all are grown with organic principals.”

You can get this wonderful meat and milk too, just go on-line to and place your order.  Then on Thursday you can meet me down at the pet store near Target and pickup your order of pastured, grass-fed meat  and raw milk.  Raw milk is good for you

Edwin Shank says this, “Pro-biotic instead of Anti-biotic. This is what raw milk, raw kefir and raw cheese and raw kombucha tea are all about… building immunity and health! ”  Please read the whole article on

Hope to see you there!

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