Travel Notes – part 1

So on our travels last week we headed down from Ohio to Jackson, Mississippi.  On the way we stopped in Nashville, Tennessee to visit the Belle Meade Plantation. DSCN1555

This is a beautiful plantation built in the early 1800’s  and was well known for it’s racing horse history.  John Harding, who founded and built this plantation built his business on breeding and training race horses which was quite evident throughout the house from all the portraits of horses on the walls.  For those of you who are movie buffs, Seabiscuit can trace his roots back to this plantation.       DSCN1554Notice how nice they kept their “garage” !








2013-08-06 16.20.56


Then we went on down to see the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee.  While there we were greeted by Elvis Presley! 🙂  Other attractions are the Monorail that takes you over to Mud Island, going to Beale Street Landing to ride the largest paddlewheel steamboat, American Queen, or just crossing the Hernando De SOTO bridge that takes you over to Arkansas.  The lower picture is of the Memphis/Arkansas bridge that also has a railroad crossing.













After Memphis, we headed down to Jackson, Mississippi to the Belhaven University.  A beautiful southern style campus that is geared to the creative arts student.


2013-08-07 14.30.09

2013-08-07 11.05.22

2013-08-07 10.25.03

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