Shopping for Fruits & Vegetables

imagesSo, have you heard of the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen in reference to fruits and vegetables?  We as a family try to follow this because of the pesticides, GMO’s and organophosphates that are harmful to our nervous system.  Most fruits I will buy at Trader Joes and Whole Foods, some I can get at the local grocery store too.  The EWG, Environmental Working Group, researches and summarizes the foods that have been exposed to pesticides.  They have come up with the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables and suggest that we buy them organic.  They have said,  “Since U.S. law does not require labeling of GMO produce, EWG advises people who want to avoid it to purchase the organically-grown versions of these items.”

Dirty Dozen                Clean Fifteen

    apples                                                        asparagus

   celery                                                          avocado

cherry tomatoes                                        cabbage

cucumbers                                                  cantaloupe

grapes                                                            sweet corn

hot peppers                                                  eggplant

nectarines(imported)                              grapefruit

peaches                                                         kiwi

potatoes                                                        mango

spinach                                                         mushrooms

strawberries                                                onions

sweet bell peppers                                  papaya

+ 2 more crops                                         pineapples

summer squash                                          peas

kale                                                               sweet potatoes

Summer is the easiest time to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, buy the locally from a grower that you know and enjoy!


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