Dehydrating Tomatoes

Dehydrating Tomatoes

So what do you do with tomatoes when you’ve already canned 3 batches of soup, and made salsa?  Well, when you have a dehydrator, you slice them up and dehydrate!




You simply cut the Romas in half and the large slicing tomatoes in 1/4′” slices then scoop out the seeds.  Arrange the sliced tomato halves cut side up on each dehydrator tray. Lightly salt the tomatoes.

Turn on your dehydrator to 135- 140 degrees and leave it alone for 16 – 20  hours.  Check on them. The larger Romas will probably need more time.  They should be slightly flexible and not so brittle they’ll break. Just nice and dried.

Store in a tightly sealed jar in the fridge or freezer or 6-9 months!


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