How to Eat Gluten-Free When Traveling

How to Eat Gluten-Free When Traveling

Our family took a long car-trip this past week and it prompted me to write about this very subject.  It starts with a bag of healthy, gluten-free snacks and an ice chest of some items that are hard to find like my gluten-free bread and bagels, coconut milk creamers, yogurt if you want organic and any fruit and veges you want to bring along.  At most hotels you can get a hot breakfast of eggs, meat and fruit.  Then I bring our Udi’s Gluten Free Bagels to toast and put butter and cream cheese or peanut butter on, which is provided.  I also bring along my coconut milk creamer and coconut oil for my coffee.

For lunches we find a Panera Bread or Chipotle, for salads, or I bring nitrate and nitrite-free lunch meat and cheese along for rollups.  We always pack alot of Ziploc baggies of peeled and cut carrots along to munch on and apples.

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For dinners, most restaurants have gluten-free items to order, or you can ask them to prepare your meal without the bread or rolls.  And ALWAYS stay away from the fried food.  Some of our favorite restaurants on our trip are Cracker Barrel, O’Charley’s (a favorite down south), and the steak houses.

Our first couple of days were spent in Ohio visiting family, here are some photos of the time spent there at a lake.  We went zip-lining, canoeing, swimming, and played lots of card games  and volleyball.





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