Essential oils: Lavender & Lemon

One of the blogs I follow is She has wonderful  information about the essential oils and living toxin free.  I copied some of her info about the oils that I love to use but you can go to her site and learn even more!


 Essential Oil Every Medicine Cabinet Needs: Lavender

3575 The Top 3 Essential Oils Every Mom Needs!

Lavender is an adaptogen, which means it helps your body respond to stress in a healthy way.  Lavender oil literally has hundreds of uses- from treating burns, cuts, skin irritations and scrapes, to cleaning the air or surfaces due to its antiseptic properties, to promoting restful, deep sleep at night.  Its pleasant floral scent is very calming, and helps to calm children down and get them to sleep.  If they resist you putting it on their feet or chests, a few drops on a favorite blanket or teddy bear will also do the trick!

It is also excellent for sinus congestion, ear infections and allergies. If you rub a little over your sinus passageways and nose, you feel immediate relief from congestion.  And it contains antibacterial properties AND anti inflammatory properties as well!  This oil is extremely versatile and deserves a place in everyone’s medicine cabinets!  Oh, and though I’ve yet to try it, I’ve heard lavender tea with organic raw honey is delightful!

 Essential Oil Every Medicine Cabinet Needs: Lemon

3578 The Top 3 Essential Oils Every Mom Needs!

If the sun had a smell, I would be willing to bet it smells like lemon essential oil.  Just breathing in a whiff on a cloudy, dark day is enough to brighten things up.  And there’s a reason for that- lemon oil is known as the “rational” oil because of its effects on the side of the brain that is responsible for making decisions.  It helps to bring clarity and focus, and this is an actual effect upon the brain, not some hooky spooky nonsense.  In a Japanese study, lemon oil was diffused while students were taking a test, and they found that students answered questions with 54% more accuracy than when lemon oil was not being diffused! Isn’t that amazing?  These oils are very powerful and have true and amazing effects upon our bodies!

In addition to being great for the mind, lemon oil is also extremely useful when it comes to cleaning.  It can remove glue, gum, grease spots, or crayon.  5-10 drops of lemon in a spray bottle makes a delightful addition to bathroom or kitchen cleaning chores, plus it disinfects AND freshens the air.  A couple of drops down a kitchen sink drain will have a similar effect as grinding lemon rinds, and you can also put a few drops in the washer along with dirty laundry!

As far as health benefits, lemon is high in the antioxidant d-limonene, which may have promising effects upon wiping out malignant cancer cells.  It also strengthens your immune system, and studies have proven it to  kill meningococcus bacteria, typhoid bacilli, staphylococcus aureus and germs causing pneumonia — all in 3 hours or less! It’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic.  In short, it kills the bad bacteria while strengthening your immune system at the same time!  It helps your body to fight infections and stimulates white blood cell production.

It’s also fantastic for sore, scratchy throats- a warm water tea with 2 drops lemon oil and 1 tbsp organic raw honey is delightfully soothing.  Be sure to breathe in the lovely aroma before you drink it!

Oh, and it also promotes circulation, and can be used to get gum out of your hair.  Need I say more?!

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