About Me

rittenhousefam67  I am a homeschool mom living for Jesus in everything I do and learning how to have a balanced and healthy life.  I am married to my husband, John, for 22 years this year and we have three beautiful children;




Rachel ~ the writer, home-maker in the making, 18 year old


Kaitlyn ~  the artist, crocheter, 15 year old web-designer








Jaedyn ~ the bike-riding, car-crashing, brown-eyed 8 yr old cutie.



About four years ago we started to make changes in our diet because of many health issues and it has been a learning and exciting journey.

This blog is about me and my daily life and the things that I love…

~ finding new crochet patterns to make,

~ smelling the new mornings in the spring,

~ finding messages just for me in the Word of God,

~ harvesting fruits and vegetables from our urban garden and preserving them,

~ finding new and delicious recipes to cook for my family that are Paleo and gluten-free,

~ listening to songs that glorify God and renew my heart, and

~ finding uses and recipes to use my homegrown herbs and essential oils.


This is just a little insight in what this blog will be about!